We got iRobot Roomba 765 for a short preview, and this is how it works! Check our unboxing and hands-on preview video. Noise is 70 dB. It can collect 0.38 L(0.402 qt) volume of dust, and has a HEPA filter. First iRobot Roomba ws introduced in 2002. From then, over 10 milion Roombas were sold worldwide. You can find cheaper robots from China, but the main difference is that they don’t have this kind of programing ability, or even this cleaning effectiveness.


Here’s a little calculation. If you vacuum with this Roomba every day, the battery would last for three years. You would save all the cleaning bags cost, which is about $30 per year, or $90 for three years. And time effort is priceless. All you have to do is pick up as more thing as you can from your floors, and let Roomba do the rest. And it seems a bit slow, but not if you go out and just leave it to clean.