On recent Samsung event we had the opportunity to try out new tablet from their Pro series. With a huge wide 12.2 inch screen, Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is mostly oriented to business users but we wouldn’t mind having it at home. Last device we used with 2560×1600 pixel resolution was a 27 inch monitor from Dell. Declared on paper, this is a lot smaller, but while holding it in hands, you could say this was your home monitor. And although big, it isn’t heavy or bulky.

Quick Preview

Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is great, not just for presentations and other business usage. We sure wouldn’t mind having it at home for reading news. With specially adapted Android OS it offers real multitasking on Android, with possibility to use four applications at the same time.

A year ago we would tell you 8 inch is ideal for tablet. But actually it’s ideal only for carrying it outside. For home and office, we would instantly buy this 12.2 inch piece of technology. Not really hard to imagine what would it be like to watch movies in bed on Tab Pro 12.2. My wife can follow soccer now without disturbing me.