Solid state drive (SSD) are becoming more frequent on the market and they will eventually replace HDD. Main reason why this new technology will prevail is SSD data transfer speed. For quick review we got Freecom’s new ToughDrive SSD with 256GB capacity.

Tough Drive SSD design

In this rubber plated 2.5″ housing SSD is built with particular attention. Curved design fits great in hand, without fear it will slip. It can also fit into a pocket, while it’s weight is comparable to average 6 inch smart phone. A special feature in the design is permanently attached USB 3.0 interface cable that neatly folds into a compact design, on the edge of the drive. This cable additionally holds a magnet attached. Although it’s wide enough for laptops, it will be rather short for desktop PC (however you can attach extension USB cable).

This disc can endure drops and shocks, which provides exceptional durability and high reliability.

Tough Drive SSD transfer speed

USB 3.0 interface can transfer maximal 625 MB/s. Freecom claims that Tough Drive can achieve up to 415 MB/s, but only if you have SSD drive inside your computer. On the fastest HDD you will get 200 MB/s. Our review showed 57,3 MB/s which is satisfying. FAT-32 system can be used on PC or Mac. On this disc you will find Nero BackItUp (for Windows), with SSD Info, FSSD Formatter and FSSD Eraser programs. You can also use this disc for recording TV program.