HTC’s latest flagship came with a lots of extra options. Even the previous HTC One (M7) had a bunch of extras like HTC Zoe for video editing, so we checked out what is upgraded and added. We got around HTC One (M8) new photo editing feature that can create 3D photos. In HTC they call it “Dimension Plus” feature, because it is not actually creating 3D photos that require 3D glasses, but photos with 3D effect. Precisely, photos whose objects can be bended and viewed from differend angles.

This is how to make 3D effect (Dimension Plus) on HTC One (M8):

  1. You can take a new photo or use the ones that are previously taken from your HTC One M8 camera. For 3D effect, you cannot use photos taken with LED flash, or photos taken in low light conditions.
  2. Go to gallery and select your photo.
  3. Edit photo (you get extra options).
  4. Select 3D effect icon in the middle below.
  5. 3D effect will be applied, so you have to check how it works and save your image with 3D effect.