We tried the new LG flagship smartphone – LG G3. In hands it feels thin and relatively lightweight compared to a huge 5.5 inch Quad HD built-in display. Quad HD means a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. Check our first impressions of using this phone below.

When we first took this device in our hands, we were immediately delighted with its huge screen an extremely thin edges of the casing. Screen occupies 76% of the front surface. In addition, the djagonal of 5.5 inches has a quad HD resolution, which is less than 4K Ultra HD, but it’s still a lot of pixels for a mobile phone. Those 1440 x 2560 pixels at 5.5 inches diagonal result with 538 ppi pixel density. In real usage, the colors are very nice and the view is phenomenal. The device is 8.9 mm thick, which is not one of the slimmest mobile phones today, but in the hand works extremely thin due to the attenuated edges. Weight is also quite comfortable and sits nicely in the hand. The ladies will still hold with both hands because it is objectively too large, like any 5.5-inch smartphone.

Guys from LG have been praising with battery and camera

Aalthough 3.000 mAh is no longer spectacular battery capacity. Camera has 13 MP with laser autofocus allegedly even in poor lighting conditions takes sharp photos. Indeed, there is an aperture F2.0, and we believe that the lens quality, but the sensor is still too small. It has a 1/3 “, which is less than the sensors embedded in the Galaxy S5 (1/2.6”), Xperia Z2 (1/2.3 “) or the current best fotomobile – Lumia 1020 which has a 1/1.5” sensor. Therefore, the image quality on LG L3 camera is suposed to be at a high level, but not comparable with the best. The Android operating system is loaded with many additional features that geeks will love it. Average users will probably be a little more difficult to manage in that crowded settings. The device will be available in five colors (white, black, red, orange and blue).