Each new smart phone you buy, you will take care of it for the first two weeks. Until it gets the first scratch. Ladies will buy a rubberized skin or a cover even before the purchase of a new cell phone. They want their “pet” to stay shiny and intact.

Quick Circle Case

We tried CCF-340G (LG G3 case with a small window aka Quick Circle Case / Cover).  When putting the holster, you have to remove the rear cover, which makes this cover tightly built-in to the device. The watch you see in the circle is aesthetically very appealing, and without opening the cover you can control the camera, open the music player or change the layout of the clock (analog, digital, displays time, date and forecasts…). The build quality seems quite good. The only thing that will cover the flap eventually wear off, but it the same with all the flip covers.

Slim Hard Case

Case for LG G3 that we liked the most was the CCH-355G (or LG G3 Slim Hard Case) in beige. It is ideal because not too thick, and still it’s enough to protect him. Also, with this cover, the device looks very appealing. The only thing we’re sorry is that it is not rubberized on the surface – it’s a rough plastic. There is also an LG Slim Guard Case which is a bit more robust, but we have not tried it.

Wireless Charger

Finally, we also tried the LG G3 Wireless Charger (WCD-100). The aesthetic is not too appealing (it looks really boring), but once you connect it to the power supply through the existing USB cable and charger, it will wireless charge the device (back of the device has a connector that leans on the stand so the device is charging). Charging works with original LG cases and cover for G3. Classic transparent cover bought on eBay for LG G3 is good but makes the device more robust, which is not the case with the original case.

See more in the attached video below: