When LG G4 was announced we wondered how much better will it be compared to LG G3. And it’s very different to see something on photos, even more on press images than in your hands. At first glance, the leather on the LG G4 looks exceptionally attractive under the thumbs. Also, this smartphone is distinguished from competitors who often look the same or similar. You are able to choose between different colors of leather mask. The advantage is that you can move the mask and lift the cover where you will find the battery. In my hand LG G4 felt like it had an ideal weight versus its measured dimensions. The screen is slightly curved and has 5.5 inches and 535 ppi pixel density.

Some famous photographers attended the presentations around the world to shoe what LG G4 camera can do. And it showed bunch of manual settings on LG G4 camera application. It captures images in RAW format, and has 1/2.6″ sensor with F1.8 aperture lens. The camera turns on in just 0.6 seconds.

That’s it from us, for more impressions, see the below attached video, and everything else we bring in a review soon.