There have been many speculations and rumors about the newest phablet from Koreans – Samsung Galaxy Note 5. We were all astonished by Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, so it’s not hard to imagine Note 5 will have the same curves. Actually, this is the what the all new Galaxy Note 5 might look. Famous 3D CAD designer Ivo Maric created pretty realistic renders what got us thinking – is this the actual phone?

We asked him to tell us more about the concept and how it was done. – “As a phablet user, I’m always interested to see what the next Note line has to offer. There have been numerous renders of the Note 5 provided by case manufacturers. I wanted to give smartphone fans a more realistic preview of the Note 5, renders that feel tangible. After serial leaker @onleaks published CAD files of the Note 5, I used those blueprints to make my own 3D model.”

So, what do you think of Samsung’s new design and how it developes? – “Galaxy Note 5 is an evolution of the S6 design language. The aluminium frame on the Note 4 was flat and for the Note 5 it is slightly curved. While the flat frame provides more secure grip, curved frame is aestheticaly more pleasing. Phone manufacterers always try to find the perfect balance between the two shapes. In this case, the frame is less curved than on the S6 so it should have better grip. Chambered edges also give a more luxurious look and feel in the hand. The front glass is 2.5D. That means it has smooth edges like spilled water. It gives a better feel during swipe motion. Samsung always puts big emphasis on ergonomic. That’s why the rear glass is curved towards the front which is a very ergonomic shape and also makes the device look thinner. The side bezels are much thinner than on the Note 4 so the overall width of the Note 5 is smaller. On the bottom there is the S Pen with a new mechanism that will eject the pen when it is pressed. Overall, the Note 5 is much more compact and beautiful phone than the Note 5.”

We definitely agree with a lot Ivo Maric said. What do you think? Check the video below.