With the arrival of the 2014 World Soccer Cup in few days before the opening match Brazil-Croatia, we received several offers for the reviewing the new TV’s. We chose Philips because they offered the largest one – 55 inch Ambilight 6 series, which means not only a great picture, but also the additional illumination of the room and the frame of the TV with LED technology – called Ambilight.

4K, OLED and other symbols..

TV manufacturers tend to put different symbols on their devices, so they could stand out in the store. Shortcuts like HD Ready, 1M contrast and 600Hz would supposed to mean mega-super quality or something. Basically it boils down to a consortium of manufacturers inventing acronyms just to sell more TV’s. They often do not affect what you’re looking for – picture quality. Unless you are buying a TV this year. Full HD is the first thing that meant progress of image quality. In order to sell more and recycle televisions series each year, manufacturers invented the term “Full HD”, which is actually HD (high definition) standard. As mobile phone and tablets today have higher resolution than Full HD, it was time to get a higher resolution televisions. It’s called 4K and really means progress, but these TV’s will cost you at least $5,000 and 4K content will be available a few years after. HD (aka Full HD) is therefore enough and you can be calm.

Second huge improvement is the OLED technology, but these TVs entering mass production will happened a few years from now. So, as Full HD is enough for now, the only additional feature worth paying is what Philips offers with Ambilight around the frame, which extends the atmosphere of the image outside the frame of the TV. Initially, Ambilight feels strange, but once you get used on it, all the other televisions as missing something. For this reason, Philips can sometimes be more expensive compared with the competition, but this difference is practically seen. When watching football, the big green picture frame looks great. With small thin edges of the screen, this Philips is a great in the room. Smart TV functionality and speed of operation of the TV are solid, not spectacular, but we had no problems with adjusting the image. How can our Philips 55PFS6609 showed during the World Cup look at this short review on the device attached video.