When you say “Home Cinema System” a lot of people will imagine five speakers and a DVD player. This is not what we’ve seen in Zagreb “Audio Sigma Concept” showroom. This system is a real cinema at home, based on Epson’s top model TW 9200 home cinema projector that will display Full HD 1080p image with a 600,000:1 contrast ratio. The image is displayed on a motorized 120″ ADEO screen, and along with it, they built in an extremely valuable audio system. How does it all work in practice? You can check it below with attached video.

While your home collection of DVD’s probably collects dust at home, a collection of digital movies on the HDD (of course, only legally purchased) are likely to increase every day. We don’t sincerely enjoy watching movies on PC (desktop or laptop). Large screen and slightly better audio system, with at least two speakers (2.1) and amplifier gives a much better theatre experience. Regarding projectors, in the last five years we reviewd them maybe twice. You need to darken the room, position the screen… And I have always read and heard about this spectacular 3LCD technology, but we never actually seen real the film home cinema projector in action. Until a few days ago.

In particular, this system consists of motorized screens, superior Epson projector and source images for you in this case used the Oppo Blu-ray player and media player with a hard disk. This part of the story will cost about $5 or $6,000. Epson TW 9200 projector namely costs $3 thousand with professional calibration included in the price, motorized ADEO screen will cost about $2 thousand, while the Oppo Blu-ray player is a little more than $1,000. To complete the atmosphere, you’ll have to pay much more for the sound that the NAD AV receiver with two front, central and two rear speakers did in this case. It’s an additional $12,000. If you add more furniture like a comfortable leather armchair theater, the total price of this home cinema climbs smoothly and up to $30,000.

However, you can always go cheaper with this Epson projector if you obtain a fixed screen, and some better but still lower price audio system. The atmosphere in this showroom we visited was truly excellent, and you can see for yourself in the video.


The present system is composed of:

  1. Projector Epson EH-TW 9200 () (calibrated trough ISF standard, included in the price)
    Price: $2.899
  2. Motorized ADEO screen – Profesional Tensio diagionale 120” – Reference White with control for RS-232, RF, 12V trigger
    Price: $1.999
  3. Picture and souny source is OPPO BDP103D used as media player (reproduction from HDD)
    Price: $1.299
  4. AV receiver NAD T 787
    Price: $7.999
  5. Video procesor Lumagen MINI 3D
    Calibrated trough Chromapure profesional software & Display 3i-pro colormeter
    Price: $2.199
  6. Front speakers are REVEL F-206
    Price: $7.999
  7. Central speaker is PSB Imagine C
    Price: $999
  8. Rear speakers PSB Imagine mini
    Price: $949
  9. Subwoofers 2x PSB SUB-125
    Price: $499 each