Despite facing apparent disapproval from their investors, Salesforce hasn’t dropped the idea of buying out twitter just yet. While rumors suggest that the previously interested companies Apple, Disney and Google have dropped the idea of buying out the struggling social network that doesn’t mean that twitter doesn’t have a chance.

A New York Times report stated that Salesforce has put forward a potential deal. The newspaper suggested that this cloud computing company, based in San Francisco, is still discussing the possibility of an acquisition with Twitter. To their detriment, Salesforce has yet to bow to the reluctance of their investors. Their stock value has already dropped by around 5 percent, as a result of their consideration of buying out Twitter.

Twitter has a lot of competition, and they have been struggling to keep up despite their addition of live streamed sports events and political debates. According to reports, they have given their potential buyers a deadline, aiming to wrap up sales negotiations by the end of October. The drop in shares may have been the reason behind this decision- they decreased by approximately 11 percent on Monday and then hit a landslide on Thursday, dropping another 20 percent last week.

There has been a lot of speculation, and both Twitter and Salesforce have yet to comment on this matter.