Disney is currently developing a new system to ‘personalize’ the experience of its customers in theme parks. The program will scan visitor’s shoes and observe their movement around attractions. From what Disney has revealed thus far, a machine will snap pictures of visitor’s feet upon them entering a theme park. The photos will then be categorized into demographics and logged away. The machine will then proceed to monitor the visitor’s journey by identifying what attractions they visit through another camera aimed at shoe level, which will match the shoe prints to the photos in its log. According to Disney, this will allow them to correct guest data in a less ‘intrusive’ way than if they were to take pictures of the visitor’s faces.

Will this be something to see anytime soon?

Acquisition of this data will allow for Disney to make significant marketing advancements. Furthermore, it will improve the experience for the visitors; characters can be concentrated in areas that are likely to be filled at a certain time, and guests can be greeted by name.  Disney has neither confirmed nor denied whether this feature will be something to expect in coming years. However, a Disneyland spokeswoman said the company pursues many possible features to enhance the experience their theme park has to offer, although these ideas are not always put into effect.

Furthermore, the public has expressed concern towards the implementation of this feature. People say that this may be a bit too far as far as invasion of privacy is concerned, while others have flat-out called it ‘creepy’. Thus, while this project is certainly an intriguing one, it can go either way – it is certainly something to look out for, although it may not come into implementation.