The newly formed partners, Honda’s Asimo and Softbank’s Pepper, have us excited about what the two would accomplish together.  SoftBank and Honda Motor Co. have decided to partner together to take artificial intelligence one step ahead. The news came after the internet company, SoftBank, agreed to purchase ARM Holdings. The company believes ARM Holdings would significantly help in the tech industry’s shift things. SoftBank and Honda Motor Co. have already developed self-driving cars together and these are to be launched in the market in a few years.

The partnership between the two giants seems rather promising

The two companies plan on researching and working together on artificial intelligence to produce products with cameras and sensors that would enable the cars to engage in casual conversation. They wish to develop artificial intelligence (IA) for vehicles in particular. The IA would enable the vehicle to assess the emotions of the driver and then react to them intelligently. The two believe that a vehicle that is intelligent enough to communicate with the driver at this level could also be able to help in parking the car as well as to provide good company during a long drive.

Many automakers, technology companies and individuals are interested in the development of robotics that could significantly improve driving safety and comfort. However, others believe humans are still the smartest drivers.