Considering that customers now increasingly prefer mobile platforms, Macy’s is currently working on a new mobile tool called the mobile companion, to improve its customer service and discover new ways for customer interaction. The Mobile companion is based on artificial intelligence and natural language tools. It is opened on a mobile browser and offers customers possible answers to questions regarding the store they are currently navigating. This project not only aims to inform customers about each store’s product ranges, services, and facilities, but also gathers useful data for better customer service analysis. Macy’s is running this project in partnership with Satisfi and IBM Watson.

Macy’s has employed this mobile tool in ten different test locations

Arcadia, California; Bethesda, Maryland; Portland, Oregon; Woodbridge, New Jersey; Miami, Florida; Short Hills, New Jersey; Garden City, New York; Buford, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia; and North Miami, Florida. While the first five stores employ this initiative of self-service, the last five also allows additional support to customers in the form one to one interactions with special sales associates. In addition to this, Macy’s is also making the Spanish language feature available in its two Miami stores.

The Mobile companion will ensure a better shopping experience for Macy’s customers and is consequently expected to boost its sales. Another advantage of this app is that it stresses on self-service and makes store employees more available to focus on only complex customer needs.

What about the future plans?

This mobile tool has the potential to extend towards offering additional customer services like outfit styling and helping customers in important purchasing decisions. Furthermore, it will also allow Macy’s to evaluate its customer’s in-store experience and collect store specific information from popular searches and frequently asked questions. In addition to this, Macy’s is also committed to bringing further improvements in this existing mobile technology which will allow it to detect and address serious customer frustrations and queries in a more urgent manner.