Shazam, the music identification app, was launched for iMessage last week. With the new update, users can now look up a song, and send both the name and a preview to their friends though iMessage.

Shazam has recently introduced a number of initiatives aimed at attracting users, and the iMessage upgrade is just one of them. The ‘Google Play music integration’ was yet another one of their notable introductions. With this feature, users are able to listen to a song, buy it or even start up a radio station with a song that was identified with the music identification app, Shazam. They also launched a ‘lite’ version of the app this week. The popular app was released to users in emerging markets namely India, Vietnam, Nigeria, Indonesia and Venezuela.

The company has made several attempts to gain a foothold in music distribution. The artist’s management firm, Mick Management, partnered with the Sony RCA Records and shipped postcards to the fans of Ray LaMontagne before his album “Ouroboros” was released. These fans were able to exclusively access a song when they opened Shazam, and directed their smartphone camera directly at their postcard.