After Yahoo’s email service was flooded with security issues, many users decided to switch their email platform. The company is making it hard for their users to leave, and they aren’t happy. Yahoo recently decided to disable their automatic forwarding service, which allowed users to send their email to a rival service. Now, anyone who didn’t activate the feature before this month will not be able to.

According to Associated Press, Yahoo Mail has been hit hard

A month ago, the company revealed their biggest historical security breach. Hackers had managed to swipe personal information from a huge amount of user accounts. Then, there were the reports that the US government had access to users’ emails and was using them for to gain intelligence information. Yahoo seems to need to initiate their damage control features. Especially if they are still planning to complete a deal with Verizon – Yahoo wants to sell their company to them. According to the reports, Verizon asked for a discount of $1 billion from the initial $4.83 billion sales price that Yahoo had quoted.

One of Yahoos spokeswomen said that they are working to reinstate the auto forwarding option, and blamed maintenance for temporary disabling of the feature. She also suggested that users enable their ‘multiple account management’ and link their Yahoo account to other platforms.

This leaves many wondering if perhaps shutting down the auto forwarding option is their way of keeping users.