“Another streaming service?” That’s the reaction you’ll probably have when you learn of the Roku Express Streaming Stick. Yet the confusing labeling will no doubt mislead its share of customers – the stick is merely a player that promises greater ease of use when it comes to your home TV. But is it really something you need considering it doesn’t offer any movies and shows on its own?

It might seem useful on paper, but you were probably doing just fine without an all-in-one player

New TV channels just keep on coming – how does one keep track of all of them while finding something good to watch? According to the manufacturer, the Roku Express Streaming Stick is the answer. Plug it in, and you’ll enjoy a streamlined listing of the various channels you have access to, even if they number in the thousands.

You can sort movies and shows based on various criteria, with perhaps the most useful one being whether they are free or not. Yet despite its ability to connect multiple home TVs in order to provide a more manageable user experience, one can’t shake the feeling that the Roku Streaming Stick is somewhat redundant.

If you’re already paying for TV channels, it’s safe to say that you spend the most time watching a select few that offer the most interesting programme – you hardly need a player to manage them. And with the Roku Express Streaming Stick price of $30 on Amazon, it’s hard to imagine you’ll feel compelled to get it unless you’re in the minority being overwhelmed by TV channels.