Looking to get started with smart home technology without spending too much or going through a hassle? You can’t go better than a single light bulb – it’ll quickly let you know whether these gadgets are something you’d like to use or whether you’ll be sticking to the standard switch for a while.

Ideal for lighting a single room, but it quickly becomes an expense if looking to cover a larger area

The TP-Link LB100 Smart LED Light Bulb price of $20 on Amazon is a lot to ask for a light bulb, but less so when you consider what it offers. The bulb comes with its own app that will let you control it through your smartphone however you see fit, which includes dimming.

It also works with any existing socket, so you won’t need to worry about complex installations in order to try smart home appliances. However, a single bulb might not do the trick for you – you’re likely going to want to supplement the TP-Link LB100 with similar devices in order to exercise a greater degree of control over your home, driving the expense past the initial $20.

But it’s hard to fault the TP-Link LB100 Smart LED Light Bulb for making smart homes look appealing. A more realistic fault is its lack of multicoloring – bulbs like the Tastech Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb cost less while offering a wide range of colors, making TP-Link’s LB100 an ideal choice only if you’re absolutely sure white is the only type of lighting you’ll need in your home.

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