The reason most of us aren’t getting a system of security cameras in our homes is a simple one: they can be a hassle to install. Not only do we need to have a security camera crew come over and drill in our abode, but the equipment and installation fees usually end up amounting to a pretty penny. The Blink Home Security Camera isn’t cheap, but it comes with plenty of options that make it a great device whether you need to watch out for burglars or see who’s been leaving the TV on.

Batteries mean that this camera isn’t as reliable as one connected to a power system, but the ease of use mostly compensates for it

While it might seem like an entry-level device, the Blink Security Camera offers virtually everything you could ask for in a home monitoring device. Capturing images and HD video and even live streaming – all of these features bundled in an unconspicuous design that, when adding wireless connectivity, mean that you’ll be able to hide the camera anywhere.

As you would expect from a Wi-Fi camera, the Blink Home Security Camera comes with an app that makes this device even easier to use. The app also adds a motion sensor alarm system that will let you know of any movement in the camera’s vicinity.

Having to deal with batteries isn’t optimal, but it’s the only way to provide the versatility that’s one of the device’s strongest points. The Blink Home Security Camera price of $100 on Amazon might seem a like a lot, but you’ll quickly realize it’s affordable once you compare it to a home security system that needs installation, or even some of its competition, such as the Arlo Pro Security System which provides 3 cameras for $560.