It’s increasingly the case that modern technology, for all it gives us, can end up being a nuisance. Case in point: the smoke alarms that nearly every modern house has. Sure, they’re useful in case there’s really a fire, but what about if you’re just trying to cook something. The Roost 9V promises to fix these problems by introducing smart configuration of your smoke alarm, but can it really do that?

The 21st century science of plugging an advanced device into an advanced device

We’re all waiting for smart homes to come around, and the Roost 9V Smart Battery promises to be a step in the direction of hyper-connectivity – just plug it in your smoke alarm, and you no longer have to worry about a little frying causing havoc in the neighborhood.

Yet the reports for the Roost 9V aren’t as stellar as we’d hope for. Users complain that it doesn’t do nearly the job that it promises, with a particular focus on a delay in alarm detection. When you have a device whose main purpose is to allow you to turn off false alarms with the flick of a switch on your smartphone, you want this to work seamlessly instead of, as some report, the device taking close to half an hour to get wind of an alarm sounding.

Still, the connectivity we mentioned is alluring, and the current Roost 9V Smart Battery price on Amazon is a little over $40 – not a big dent in your savings, especially if you’ve been dealing with false alarms that are difficult turn off for as long as you can remember.