The Amazon Echo Dot makes most futuristic gadgets look outdated by comparison. Letting you remotely control various parts of your home and do just about anything you can think of through voice commands seems almost too advanced for the average home, yet the Echo Dot manages to implement it fairly well. Still, there are limits and warnings that come with the device that will remind you we are still living in a time where technology isn’t integral to our lives just yet.

Control any app and even various physical parts of your home with voice commands, all for an affordable price

The first thing to note about devices like these is that, to have any use for them, you’ll have to have a few smart devices around your home to connect to. To make really good use of them, you’ll have to have potentially dozens of connected devices, all of which could come as a significant expense to you.

Want to control your garage with the Amazon Echo? You’ll need a Wi-Fi garage controller that could set you back a pretty penny. Aiming to remotely lock your home? Get ready to buy a smart lock system that’s not only expensive, but also a hassle to install.

Amazon Echo Dot manages to overcome some of these issues with its reliance on Alexa – even in the absence of smart home devices, you’ll still manage to get some use out of it by using voice commands to control various apps.

As far as these devices go, the Amazon Echo Dot price of $50 seems almost affordable. It won’t set you back too much if you’re looking to try out voice commands in your home, but you’ll still feel like you could have passed on it unless your home features significant smart connectivity.