If the bulkier models in the Coolpix series represent an aspiration towards professional photography, the D5200 is a careful jump in its direction. It’s not really a camera for the pros, which the $500 price tag can attest to, but it nonetheless has enough features to cater to the most demanding hobbyist. For a camera that was released in 2013, this DSLR remains surprisingly competitive. A 24 MP camera with the option to shoot 1080p video will serve you well, and the Nikon D5200‘s mobile, high-quality LCD will make previously inaccessible shots possible.

Troubleshooting your Nikon D5200 without a PDF Manual, the top three solutions

Nikon D5200 pdf manual free downloadNikon D5200 autofocus problem: As you would expect (or hope) from a serious camera, the D5200 doesn’t suffer from too many maladies, especially compared to models with built-in lenses. One of the most prevalent issues that the D5200 faces, however, have to do with autofocus. Also referred to as AF, autofocus has been a problem for many users of Nikon’s DSLR cameras, and there isn’t always an easy solution available, especially since the PDF user manual provides only modest coverage of it. The most straightforward advice would be to choose your focal point in the viewfinder more carefully, as well as to reposition for better lighting. More technical solutions involve reattaching the lens after you’ve turned off the camera, as well as changing your shutter priority to only take the picture when it’s in focus. Likewise, you can try to recalibrate the camera’s AF using better targets, preferably ones that aren’t angled.

Nikon D5200 low image quality: Some users also encounter low image quality after the image has been rendered by the camera. Examples include pixelation, which is fixed by increasing Image Size in the camera’s menu, or noise, when your exposure times or ISO sensitivity are too high. You might also need to tweak the camera’s colors if you’re finding that the reproduction is unfaithful, although finding the perfect setting might take a while.

Nikon D5200 firmware update: Before trying any of this, however, your first stop should be to update the camera’s firmware. Although you might feel sure that you have the latest firmware available since the model came out in 2013, you’d be surprised to learn that many of these are shipped with earlier versions and never updated. Firmware updates improve the camera’s ability to autofocus, fine-tune image quality settings and introduce various other upgrades that the manufacturer made since the D5200 was first released.

If the common solutions didn’t help, download the Nikon D5200 PDF manual

If a firmware upgrade did you no good and the common solutions to blurry images aren’t helping, download the Nikon D5200 PDF manual and see if you can find an in-depth solution to your photography woes, you can find it here: https://cdn-10.nikon-cdn.com/pdf/manuals/dslr/D5200RM_NT(11)01.pdf