For years I have been amazed with the world of printing and their manufacturers. Just take a second to take a look at it from the economic side – there is a printing need on the market, manufacturers get us in to their offline and online stores to sell us their printers, after we acquire the desired model and connect to the brand, we need to revisit the same store to buy the toner once or twice per year, over and over and over again. In case they manufacture high quality printers for an affordable price, like the Brother HL series or their MFC siblings, you end up being their customer for the whole life cycle of the device, which can sometimes end up with up to 10 years of usage. In those 10 years you will not only buy several toner cartridges, but also probably need to exchange the drum of the printer. Then, after those 10 years pass and you put everything on the paper, you figure out that you spent a small fortune on your printing needs – an investment for most consumer companies, but a nice economic profit for the producer.

Now, if you know how to make your printer work for you, you will not mind spending the money, and I personally also don’t mind spending money on high quality ink, but the overall business model was a fascinating thing for me, it’s like a car combined with fuel, you just need it and you will refuel it.


Affordable TN350 Toner compatible models genuine ink

Hey, Stacey, look! I’m spending the companies money on random printing, the boss is gonna love me!

I mean, honestly, kudos to the person who invented it

It sells a dream of freedom to the customer (no more printing shops, you’re your “own printing boss”, but then you end up being a customer for almost a decade. Now you probably understand why I’m so fascinated with the industry, but I honestly doubt that you’re here for my opinion, you’re probably in need of a Brother TN350 Toner Cartridge, combined with the answer if your device is a compatible model, so let’s not beat around the bush and let’s get right on to the topic!

The Brother TN350 Toner is supported by over 20 printers, is yours one of them?

Coming back to the printer business model which I mentioned above, and again to that guy who invented it, in the beginning this whole printing freedom was an expensive hobby, but as soon as consumers started buying printers in bulk, the manufacturers could invest in to faster manufacturing processes and, in the end, found out that “one toner to rule them all” is a far better solution then having to personally visit each business and refill their device.

Brother usually covers up to 30 different devices with just one toner model, so in this case our today’s topic, the Brother TN350 Toner Cartridge, is compatible with around 25 printers. Most of these devices were sold a decade ago, but are still functional and more then useful in this modern era.

So, a good printer is like an old VW, the exterior is not that important, and the interior can be switched up for a few dollars. So for those of you who’re not fond of images, this is the complete list of supported devices: DCP-7010, HL-2040R, Intellifax 2910, MFC-7820, DCP-7020, HL-2070, Intellifax 2920, MFC-7820D, DCP-7025,HL-2070N, MFC-7220, MFC-7820N, HL-2030, HL-2070NR, MFC-7225, PPF-2820, HL-2030R, Intellifax 2820, MFC-7225N, PPF-2910, HL-2040, Intellifax 2850, MFC-7420, PPF-2920, HL-2040N.

As you can see, it’s a mouthful of names, which in the end makes it easier to find the right toner for your printer or all-in-one.

TN350 Toner compatible models

Where and how to buy the an affordable genuine Brother TN350 Toner Cartridge?

Now, this is gonna be an obvious one – you want to go for genuine cartridges. Why?

Brother TN350 Toner CartridgeBecause you get the full support and security from Brother, and as I already mentioned it before, look at your device as an investment, together with the fact that you’re exchanging your TN350 probably once per year max.

It offers around 2500 pages, which ends up in around 6 to 7 pages per day, through the whole 365 days (and, honestly, it’s gonna last more then that, who prints on Saturdays and Sundays?). Regarding the question on where to buy affordable genuine Brother TN350 Toner cartridges, it’s Amazon all the way.

So far I never had problems with my Prime membership and the ink always came in the genuine Brother box with all the paperwork one would need. And the best thing, if you end up in problems, you can always call the support and they will guide you through the process for free.

But then again, we’re mostly men here, and we do not like people who are telling us what to do, right? So let’s skip support line and go directly to the itsy-bitsy small little steps of exchanging your toner cartridges, it’s really easy, check it out below:

How to replace the Toner Cartridge TN350 from your device?

As I already mentioned, there is a mouthful of names in the list of compatible devices for the TN350 toner cartridge, but believe me, the replacement process is similar for each one of them. The front of your printer or All-in-one device has a front cover, which can be opened with one tenth of  strength needed to open your grandmas jar of pickles.

Once the front cover is out of your way, you’re gonna find a small piece of removable hardware within it, which is called the “toner cartridge and drum assembly”. Now, depending on your model it’s either gonna be a smaller piece of plastic and metal or a larger bulky one.

Pro Tip: Be sure to place the assembly on something which you don’t mind getting dirty (old cloth, a surface which is easy to clean etc). On the assembly you’re going to find a green button, again, it’s the same button on most of the printers from the above list, so just try to find it. Once that is pressed, you can lift the old TN350 toner cartridge.

Once that’s out of the way you can take the new toner, remove the protective cover (the yellow piece of plastic), and slide it back in to the drum until it clicks. After that place the assembly back in to your printer until you hear a click, close the door and that’s it. You succeeded in exchanging your Brother TN350 Toner Cartridge.


Above I mentioned the yellow piece of plastic which you need to remove before installation. Well, this is the piece.

Be sure to maintain your device, although I was ranting a bit in the intro, it’s really an investment

I’m actually quite happy that we’re past the age where printing was a luxury offered only to those who could spend my monthly salary on one device, and then keep on refilling it with half of my monthly salary every year.

So, ignore my rant from the beginning, I just wanted to show you the business side of manufacturing and selling printers, and I can probably write another 1000 words post about how the store sellers cheat on us with “test ink”, but I’m gonna leave that for next time. Now, finally I’m gonna let you go, but not without one old printer ad.

Back in the days we had players on the market who either had to re-brand or failed completely, like the Transtar printers which were quite popular in the days, like the nice lady tries to explain it in one of these ads.  If you want to see more from the “old age of printing”, be sure to visit this issue of InfoWorld from December 1984. 

Brother Genuine HL-2040 TN350 toner 2.jpg