The Brother HL 3040CN printer was and still is a good quality piece of office equipment. Not only is the cost per page at only 3.8p for black print and around 14p for the colourful sheets, the whole unit is highly serviceable with several spare parts available on Amazon and Ebay, which can be easily exchanged. And although the Brother HL 3040CN Toner can last you a lifetime, some of us have printing needs which extend that period a bit, and this is why we’re here today.

With the toners still available to buy, the Brother HL 3040CN still rocks the office world!

Buy a Compatible Brother HL 3040CN Toner 2



The HL 3040CN has four cartridges of consumables, which together can handle over 50.000 pages before there is even a *slight* sign of an empty cartridge, together with the need of exchanging them. In most cases, every small business owner will agree that the above mentioned amount is more then enough to last through the printers life cycle, which is usually around 5 years – Brother knows that, and exactly those points are the ones which made this printer the pioneer of the last seven years. Although the initial price of the printer was a bit on the expensive side, it still rocks the business world, and it would be a shame to not use it to it’s fullest. So let’s talk about the Brother HL 3040CN toner replacement. 

When it comes to this model, we would warmly recommend to go with the genuine Brother ink, where the compatible models are the Brother TN210BK, TN210C, TN210M, TN210Y (TN-210BK, TN-210C, TN-210M, TN-210Y) Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, also available as a Toner Cartridge Set, which will cover all four of the Brother HL 3040CN toner cartridges you need. 

The prices vary from seller to seller, but the official Brother Amazon Store is asking for a price of $200, which is more then affordable if you keep in mind the amount of pages you get from it.  The set is easy to install, and it will probably cover your printing needs for the next few years without any problems.