We all know how uncomfortable it is once you find yourself in a situation that you’re in need of an important document, but you can’t print it out because there’s no more ink in the printer. And although we all own at least one printer per office, here at our place we call it the necessary evil, mainly because they are needed for the daily workflow, but cost a fortune to refill.

Luckily that’s not the case with the Lexmark X658DE, since it’s one of the few devices on the market which do not have a cartridge which costs an arm and a leg to replace. In case you’re within the US, then you’re lucky, since it’s still available all over the country, but if you’re outside of it, keep in mind that it’s an outdated model, and finding the right cartridge might end up tricky. But, to keep things simple, let’s go to our recommendations.

What is the right Lexmark XS658DE toner for the right price?

Lexmark X654X11A Extra High-Yield Return Program Toner CartridgeWhen it comes to this particular series of Lexmark printers, the toner for which you want to go is the X654X11A Toner Cartridge, which is currently available through Amazon for around $200. Now, I know, it seems like a high price point, but trust me, you want to go with this Extra High Yield model, since it can manage up to 36.000 pages within one go.

With such a high number it not only outperforms the price of most cheaper models, the device manages a low 0.006 cents of cost per page. The toner can also be bought through the links below: