The little white Pixma MP250, or as we liked to call it within our office – the Snow White, was and still is our oldest colleague within the company. These little Inkjet printers were built to last, with only one thing in mind – sometimes you need to freshen them up with some genuine Ink cartridges. Luckily the Pixma MP250 is not a complicated or expensive machine, cartridges come in several different sizes covering a similar amount of price points, and today I want to point you out the right ones!

Should you go for genuine Canon PIXMA MP250 Ink Cartridges

Best Canon PIXMA MP250 Ink Cartridge


There are several reasons on why to go with genuine ink for your Canon Pixma MP250, one of them is that your device will last longer with specialized ink built for it, and you will not compromise any parts within it, and the second one is the 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy from Canon, which means that if you’re not happy with your ink cartridge, you can return it within the first year of usage. And although that’s not that likely to happen, it’s still a nice gesture from Canon. When it comes to the Canon Pixma MP250 model, you want to go with the CL-211 Color Cartridge and with the PG-210 Black Cartridge, you need both of them, because the first one is providing color for all your colorful work, and the second for your office printing needs.

You also have XL options, which hold twice as much ink as the above mentioned models, and cost  about 40%  more. My own suggestion would be that you buy both, the larger XL options should serve you as the current ink cartridge, and the smaller cheaper one can act as a back up in case sometimes within this year you end up without ink, right in front of an important print job.

Amazon also offers Canon PG-210 XL and CL-211 XL Ink Pack Bundles, which are actually a simple solution to your ink problem, because you get both models in their XL versions. It’s also worth mentioning that the ones which we link on Amazon are the newer ones with improved coloring ,gamut and color fastness – while still holding the low profile of a FINE cartridge.

Exchanging the MP250 Ink Cartridges is simple and straightforward

You just need to lift the front cover of your printer (the device needs to be powered on), which holds the scanner unit, on the right side of it you will find a blue lever which can hold it in the air for you, and after that you just need to “click out” the old ink cartridges, slide the new ones in and let the printer do the rest. And just like that you’re having a new set of ink in your printer!