Samsung was always a leader in technology when it comes to design and features, and personally I was a huge fan of their mobile phone line back in the days. Their devices featured a sleek black design and were packed with technology. The same goes for their printer line-up, and although they sold most of their printer division to HP last year, they are still the best buy option for most small and medium sized offices.

When it comes to this particular model, the Samsung SCX-4300, it presented an affordable multi-functional Laser Printer, with Samsung’s claim of 18 ppm, which was a blast back in the 2011, and is still a useful feature in today’s business environment. And although the technology was almost futuristic, the price point of the device and the actual SCX-4300 toner cartridges was more then fair, and today we’re going to explain you which ones to buy and how to install them.

What Samsung SCX-4300 Toner Cartridge to buy?

Samsung MLT-D109S SCX 4300 toner cartridge


The team which was behind the development of the SCX-4300 printer decided to go with a classical laser printer setup, which contains a drum and cartridge assembly. With that setup, in most cases, you only have to exchange the ink cartridges, which in this particular model is the Samsung MLT-D109S toner cartridge. And although they come at a price point of around $50, most people decide to go with non-genuine toner cartridges, which I personally wouldn’t recommend.

Try to always go with the original toner cartridges, since they offer the reliability of the manufacturer, have a one-year guarantee and you can bother them over the phone if you’re still new with the whole assembly.

So, in this case, the price of a genuine cartridge on Amazon is currently at around $50, which is more then an affordable price if you keep in mind that it will refill your device completely and offer you another few years of printing, with a yield of more then 2000 pages.