The MG series of all in one printers from Canon held quite a high success rate within home and office environments. Not only did it offer an affordable start-up cost (the device was within the $200 range and came with an almost full set of Ink Cartridges), it also featured a low maintenance fee paired with great looks.

Now combine all of these great features within a shiny black package, and you got yourself a long-term printing and scanning solution for your day to day use. The only thing which can lead to disappointment is when the ink runs out, and exactly that is the topic of our today’s article. In the next few lines we’re going to explain you where to buy the right Canon Pixma MG3500 Ink Cartridge, and how to exchange it once you get it back home.

Should you buy genuine Canon Pixma MG3500 Ink Cartridges?

Canon PG-240XL and CL-241XL ink cartridges for Canon Pixma MG3500

PG/CL Combo Back

The benefits of investing in to genuine MG3500 Ink Cartridges are several. Not only do you get the 100% refund guarantee from Canon, which means that you are either happy with your Ink Cartridges or you get the full refund back, you’re also assured that the ink quality is top notch. And in case you don’t know how to install it, the guys from the Canon’s support line will help you manage it over the phone. The price difference between Genuine Ink and Non-Genuine Ink, in comparison to the benefits which you get in return, is minor.

So, with that said, our suggestion would be to always go with genuine Ink Cartridges. When it comes to the particular model, you want to go with the Canon PG-240XL & CL-241XL combo pack, since it features an affordable price and double the ink within it, and features the whole assembly for you. If possible, always go with the XL option, which means Extra Long, or in other words you’re going to get a much higher amount of ink in your cartridges, which in return will offer a higher yield in the number of printed pages – for less money.

Canon PG-240XL BlackGenuine$20.26Buy it here
Voshy 240XL BlackRemanufactured$13.99Buy it here
Canon PG-240XL + CL-241XLGenuine$53.95Buy it here
InkClub PG-240XL + CL-241XLRemanufactured$34.69Buy it here

In case the combo pack is out of your reach, you can go either with the PG-240 for black ink, or with the CL-241 if you’re out of colored ink. Regardless with which option you go, the expenses will be around $25 per ink cartridge, or around $40 for the above mentioned combo pack. You can check it on the official Canon Amazon Store.