Once I saw the name of the printer in the heading, I immediately remembered the situation from a few years ago, I think it was in February 2016. Basically, we had an important meeting with some investors for our past project, and my boss sent me to print out a 30 page contract, three times. Long story short, the exact same printer waited for me in the back office, the above mentioned Canon Pixma MX 340. It printed around 40 pages out of 120 needed, and then decided to just let me suffer. Back then I found a solution, but it wasn’t a pleasant one – I had to run outside of the office building, to the print shop, let them print it out for me, run back to the office and pretend as nothing major happened.

Now, since I don’t want that this situation happens to you, I’m going to leave you with one good advice – always have a spare set of Canon Pixma MX 340 genuine ink cartridges somewhere in the drawer.

Buy Canon Pixma MX 340 genuine ink when you don’t need it, so that you appreciate it once you need it

When it comes to the MX 340 series printer, you’re looking at two different models of ink which you need. The first one is the black cartridge, also called under the name Canon PG-510 Black Ink Cartridge, and the second model is the colorful one, called Canon CL-513 High Yield Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge. Both versions are available in a normal package, which can offer around 220 pages with 5% coverage, and also in a High Yield package, which offers almost double the amount, for a price which is only 30% higher.

And although the market is flooded with non-genuine models, I would recommend to always go with genuine Canon ink cartridges, especially if your device is still under warranty. Not only is Canon offering you the 1 year 100% satisfaction guaranteed option, you can also expect the best performance and perfect printouts from your Canon device.

How to exchange the Canon Pixma MX 340 genuine ink cartridges

First of all, be sure that the device is powered on, because it will need to move the head by itself. After that, lift the scanning unit (the cover of the device), hold it open with the Scanning Unit Support, which is usually the blue piece of plastic on the right side of the device. Once you have the hood all opened up, continue with the exchange of the Canon CL-513 and Canon CL-510, just try to watch out how you handle the ink because it may stain whatever you have around you, so wearing a white shirt isn’t a smart idea overall.

Once you have the old Ink Cartridges out of the device, replace them with the new set. Just please, for the love of God, do not shake the new cartridges. You just need to put them in until you hear a stable click, and then just snap the unit cover back down, and the printer will do his magic.