Back in 2007. Samsung introduced the CLX series of multi-functional printers, with several devices joining the fun. One of them is the CLX-3175, the black beauty between them, which featured a stylish case packed with modern technology. Not only could you expect around 1500 printed pages from it, but you could also connect it to your local network, work with the copier, printing and scanner functions, connect your USB key and write/read from it.

The only downside which most of the new users found is that the device came with only a quarter of ink within it, which is not such a big deal since you will anyhow have to go and get a new set of CLX-3175 Toner Cartridges sooner or later. And therefore, we’re here today – and in the following few lines we’re going to go through the currently available models and cover the prices, together with installation details.

Should you go with the Genuine Samsung CLX-3175 Toner Cartridges?

Samsung CLT-P407C XAA Value Pack


The CLX 3175, together with his older brothers from the same series, offered the flexibility of a Volkswagen. You could basically take out any cartridge out of the device and exchange it with a new one, without touching the rest of the assembly. This is what made the CLX series so popular, since you could either upgrade the multi-pack or just invest a few dollars for that Yellow cartridge which you need. Now, when it comes to the Samsung CLX-3175, since it’s an outdated device, with almost 11 years behind it, the best option to refill it would be to go with the Value pack from Samsung, which goes under the name Samsung CLT-P407C/XAA Value Pack – Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow. In case you’re not in to long term investments, you can also just retouch your device with separate K407 and K409 toner cartridges.

When it comes to pricing, keep in mind that HP acquired Samsung’s Printing Department back in 2017., and although the brand is still here, HP is the one taking care of the toner cartridges. With that in mind, you can always go to a HP store or visit the official HP Amazon Store for the refill, where in the case of the Value pack you will cash out around $150, and the separate smaller cartridges will cost you around $80 per piece.