Although HP bought the whole Samsung printer division back in 2017., our hearts are still with their sleek and feature packed devices. Samsung was, at one point, positioned quite high on the printer market, and presented several good looking and useful devices. Between all his models, one particular device from the whole line-up featured the most fans, and it was the SCX series, together with the model which we’re going to talk about today, the SCX-4200.

This stylish multi-functional laser printer offered an almost unique approach to the market, it featured a fast PPM, affordable price with a handful of compatible toner cartridges. And although it’s a regular drum + toner assembly within the device, it’s quite cheap to maintain it. With that in mind, let’s go over the compatible cartridges and their prices.

Which Samsung SCX-4200 Toner Cartridges to buy?

Samsung SCX-D4200A Black Toner Cartridge


This model features a Toner-Drum assembly, which is basically a piece of hardware consisting of a printer drum head, and a toner cartridge connected to it. The whole assembly doesn’t have to be exchanged all the time, the toner cartridges are the only needed “nuisance”, since they get empty quickly in case you’re managing a medium sized office.  Your model, the Samsung SCX-4200, can hold one toner cartridge, since it’s a regular black & white printer. Now, keep in mind that some toners had their name changed, since as we mentioned, HP acquired Samsung’s printing department, so with your case the particular Toner Cartridge model was discontinued and is now under the name SAMSUNG SCX-D4200A (SCXD4200A) Black Toner Cartridge. Since it’s an older device, you will not be able to find it within offline stores like Walmart and Best Buy, but luckily – we have the internet.

If you jump over to the official Samsung Amazon Store you can see that the Samsung SCX-4200 Toner Cartridge under the name SCX-D4200A is still available, and the prices are also quite affordable. For around $50 you will get a fresh Toner Cartridge, and in the current situation we would either advise that you go for two pieces or try to think about your next printer, since as we mentioned, the device is discontinued and it’s not known for how long the toners will be available online.