A few decades ago, when Samsung decided to enter the printer market, the company actually kept quite a good record of high quality, but affordable printers, and the SCX line of multi-functional laser printers was one of them. Sadly, back in 2017. The company sold all of its shares to HP, which is not that big of a deal since the brand is still here, the only difference is who is selling the devices, so don’t be surprised if you have to buy your Samsung SCX 4500 toner through HP’s official website or offline stores. But, regardless of that company shift, the SCX is still a good piece of tech equipment, and in case you need to refill it, we will explain you which toners to buy and how to exchange them below:

What are the best buy options for Samsung SCX-4200 Toner Cartridges?

Samsung ML-D1630A Toner 2K Yield


The SCX-4500 model is almost 10 years old, which doesn’t mean that you can’t find compatible toners around you. And although the market is currently flooded with non-genuine toner cartridges, we would always recommend going with the Genuine Samsung SCX-4500 Toner Cartridges. There are several reasons, one of them is the one year warranty, combined with the high quality ink within the toner and the HP’s support crew. The assembly which can be found in the SCX-4500 has a classical laser printer approach, it’s basically a piece of hardware featuring one drum and a set of toner cartridges. With your particular model you want to exchange the cartridges, and the compatible model is the Samsung ML-D1630A Black Toner Cartridge.

The important factor here is the color changing security label, which proves to the buyer that he’s getting a genuine product, so be sure to check that out before bringing your cartridge home. The prices can range from $70 to $80, depending on the month and the current active deals on Amazon, but overall the best option which you have is to just go directly to the HP Amazon Store and buy the above mentioned ML-D1630A model.

This affordable set of ink is also easy to replace, you just have three simple steps, by keeping in mind that the device needs to be powered on – open the front panel of your Samsung SCX-4500 Laser Multi-function Printer, exchange the cartridges which you can find within it, close it up and you’re good to go, the printer will do everything else by itself.