The team from AOC has pumped up their monitor department in the last few years, jumping from consumer to office to gaming monitors, and slowly dominating all of them with their price to performance ratio. The newest addition to the family, the Q3279VWFD8, is nothing less impressive. It’s the next step in the 79 series which we saw last year, and so far we’re quite impressed.

Finally a large 1440P IPS Freesync Monitor with 75Hz refresh rate

Most of the monitors within this size used VA panels paired with 60Hz refresh rate, and the resolution wasn’t that impressive within this price range, so the reason why this particular model stands out is the technology within it. The previous generation offered the VA panel with 60Hz, this one offers an IPS panel with 75Hz. The previous generation had a 1080p resolution, this one offers 1440p, combined with a comfortable pixel density for daily usage. On top of that, it features AMD’s FreeSync support, so gamers rejoice.

For users who still feature older devices, AOC decided to cover most of the legacy ports, including the outdated VGA and DVI standards, as well as the newer leaders within connectivity, DisplayPort and HDMI. Unfortunately, there is no thunderbolt support. The only problem which most reviewers see, but we actually don’t care about it, is the 5 ms GtG response time, which is a normal thing within the IPS category, and you shouldn’t be bothered with it.

The AOC 31.5″ Q3279VWFD8 will be available within this month all around the world, with a MSRP of £219 / 249 EUR/USD, depending on your location. You can order it here: AOC Q3279VWFD8 32” LED Monitor, Free-Sync