With the MG series of printers, Canon did a great job within the all-in-one market. Most of their devices, including the MG2500, featured a shiny new look, several up to date features like air print and google cloud print, and all of that combined with low up-front cost and more then affordable long-term maintenance.

With that in mind, most of the smaller offices and “work from home” users decided to go with this model, and to be honest with you, we don’t blame them. It’s a versatile device which offers long term value, and once it runs out of ink, the Canon Pixma MG2500 Ink Cartridges are just a few dollars away, and this is why we’re here today!

Should you buy genuine Canon Pixma MG2500 Ink Cartridges?

Canon Pixma MG2500 Ink Cartridge CL 246 and PG 245


If you are like me, and like to take good care of your gadgets, then I would recommend that you go with the genuine MG2500 Ink Cartridges, not only because the price difference is minor, but also because with the genuine serial number you can get Canon’s customer support over the phone in case you need it, and their 100% satisfaction guaranteed warranty, which is rated as one of the best within the industry. You can also be assured that the Ink within the genuine MG2500 Ink Cartridges outperforms the non-genuine ink found in other cartridges, in terms of quality and longevity. And not only that, the price difference can be completely ignored, since we’re talking about investing a few dollars more for a piece of tech which will last you for over a year and keep your device intact.

The Canon Pixma MG2500 is holding two different sets of ink, the first one is the Canon CL-246XL Color Ink Cartridge, which is used for the prints which ask for colors, and the  Canon PG-245XL Black Cartridge which takes care of the black and white prints. Both of them can be bought in one single package, which Canon calls the Canon PG-245XL/CL-246XL Ink/Photo Paper Pack, or you can go and buy them separate, in case you’re just out of black ink and need a quick replacement.

The prices are ranging from $17 and can go up to $25 for one cartridge , and in case you’re up for a refill we would recommend continuing the purchase on the official Canon Amazon Store, just so that you’re assured in the quality of the products.