The MX series of Canon printers was some sort of refreshment on the market of all-in-one devices. And we have several reasons for it – not only did the printer manage to stick in all the features which a modern device should hold, but it also managed to pack that in to a stylish housing and pair it with low maintenance fees.

Most home users, including photography enthusiasts, decided to invest in to this particular model so that they can print their text files within working time, and then later in the day cover their photography needs. And although the MX920 is a low-cost device, with all those colorful prints comes a price, which in most cases includes buying a new set of Canon Pixma MX920 Ink Cartridges, and in today’s article we’re going to show you which models to buy and on what to focus.

Should you go with the genuine Canon Pixma MX920 Ink Cartridge?

Buy Canon Pixma MX920 Ink Cartridge CLI 251 and PGI 250

I know how it is, you take a look at the non-genuine ink and then compare the price with the genuine counterpart, and you’re thinking to yourself “hey, I could put $15 aside and just go with the fake cartridges”. And although that is true, you’re going to save $15 dollars, the point which most of users ignore is the fact that they are trying to put $15 aside and risk the $200 machine in which they are putting the ink cartridge in. Is it worth to experiment with different Ink manufacturers, just so that in the end you maybe pick out the wrong one and end up having to buy a new $200 printer? Think about it. In my case I always prefer to go with the genuine Canon Pixma MX920 Ink Cartridges, not only because they assure me that my device will last for another couple of years, but also because there is the 1 year warranty on the cartridges, a high quality ink within them, and paired with the great customer support in case you have additional questions.

With that in mind, the Canon Pixma MX920 is using two different types of refillables, one is the Canon PGi-250 Ink Cartridge for the black ink, and the other one is the Canon Cli-251 Ink Cartridge for the colors. Both of them can be bought as a single value package, which Canon calls the Canon PGI-250 / CLI-251 Combo Pack. The mentioned Combo Pack will cost you around $50 from the official Amazon Canon store, which is a good proof overall that the ink cartridges don’t have to be expensive.