The KX line of telephones was the next step in office equipment, and Panasonic knew that. The model came in two colors, the black one which you can see in the featured image above, and the white one which was (in most cases) ignored by call centers, since you could see the dirt fairly easy on them. As with most PBX telephones from that time, this whole model line was popular with medium to large sized offices, and since they are hard to break, it’s still being used by many. Since it’s an older device, the physical copy of the user manual is hard to track, and the features are not that easy to figure out, but don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

Where to download the KX-NT343 PDF manual for free?

In most cases you throw away your PDF manual, or forget where you put it, which is completely normal, especially with devices which are as old as the KX-NT343, but no worries, Panasonic solved this issue with one simple directory, where they included all of the PBX telephone line user manuals in PDF. So without further ado, jump over to this link and download your Panasonic KX-NT343 manual PDF free of charge: