Well, the answer is over 10,000 – at least that’s what the author of the work claims. Although it doesn’t look like it from the photos, the Dragon King is actually more then 3 feet high (1 meter) and it took a bit over 6 months to complete the project. The reason behind the built is that Marius Herrmann, the author of the work, wanted to commemorate the 17th anniversary of his favorite game, Final Fantasy X, which was released back in 2001.

What, 17 years already passed?

Yep, welcome to the club, we’re getting old, but the games are still here. In case you want to go back to Spira you can check out the game on Steam, there is a remastered version available for a few bucks, or just go with the same remastered version for the Vita, PS3 or PS4, it’s probably available through Best Buy. In the meantime, we have a nice little photo album below, with kudos to the author:

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