Back in the days when you thought about serious investing in to your medium to large sized office, and wanted an all in one device, which could print, scan, copy and also look cool, you just had to call Sharp and tell them that you’re looking for the right beast for your office. In my own case, we got the heavy weight champion from their AR line, the Sharp AR 6020 Desktop Photocopier. 29 kilos of pure tech, with scan once/print many, ID card copy, rotation sort and other features which were missing with competitors at that time. Not only that, this huge piece of metal also provided the office with 1850 sheets of storage, together with network connectivity so that the whole office can take turns on it. All in all, the AR-6020 was, and still is a useful tool for your daily printing needs, and today we’re going to talk about the compatible Toner Cartridge For Sharp AR-6020, just in case it needs a refill.

Should you go with the genuine Toner Cartridge For Sharp AR-6020

Toner Cartridge For Sharp AR-6020

Regardless if you bought a new or used AR-6020, it’s always a good idea to invest in to genuine parts, be it a drum replacement or a toner cartridge. Some people like to skim on this part, since it’s quite an investment to buy original parts, but I would recommend that you always go with them. There are several reasons, one of them is the longevity of the device, which the original parts offer, since they are tested on your particular model, the second reason is the higher quality of ink – genuine cartridges often hold the exact amount of ink they promote, combined with the technology needed to support your device. And last but not least, the pure fact that the customer support is always available to you and has your back, regardless if you’re a complete newbie when it comes to exchanging toner cartridges or a long time pro who stumbled on a driver issue.With that in mind, I would recommend that you go with the Genuine Sharp MX237GT Toner Cartridge.

There is one downside to it though, since it’s quite an old device, it’s difficult to find the right toner within your regular stores like Best Buy and Wall Mart, but luckily there’s the internet. HotToner has this particular model, the MX237GT, which is the recommended toner cartridge for the Sharp AR-6020, listed for only $150, and it’s one of the best prices currently available on the market, especially when you keep in mind that with this refill you will be able to produce another round od 23000 pages.