Regardless if you’re looking for a device which can cover a smaller work-group or a medium sized office, the MX-2010U was, and probably still is, a workhorse within that category of printers. The popularity of the device was so high because it was one of the first devices with robust multi-layer security features, mainly targeting data and document protection, combined with remote access interface, an optional document feeder and all of that paired with the 7.0″ colour LCD touch-screen. With all the major options included, it’s no wonder that the MX-2010U is still available within several thousand offices worldwide. The device is simple to use, and the only thing which you need to do is to refill its toner cartridges, and this is why we’re here today!

Should you go with the genuine Toner Cartridge For Sharp MX-2010U

Sharp MX-23NT-BA for MX-2010uI know how it is, you don’t have to explain yourself. The difference in pricing is obvious, and sometimes the original toner is discontinued, and the only other solutions is to go with non-genuine toner cartridges. When it comes to my own opinion, I would always invest in to genuine parts, regardless which one needs to be exchanged, and there are several reasons behind that idea. First of all, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the powder within the cartridge, since genuine toner is almost 100% high quality powder, with a return guarantee behind it to prove the facts. Second, even if you are a professional user, mistakes happen, and in case of one, you can always call the customer support line, give them the serial number of the Toner Cartridge For Sharp MX-2010U and let them guide you through the process – they did it thousands of times and you’re definitely not a hassle to them.

With that in mind, when looking for the right refill, try to go with the Sharp Genuine Brand Name, OEM MX23NTBA (MX-23NTBA) Black Toner Cartridge (18K YLD) , which, as the name implies, offers around 18000 of printed pages, and is available through the official Sharp store for $90. You will get the right toner for the right price, but in case you want to go with other manufacturers, expect to pay around $60, and try to check the reviews before ordering.