Once Sharp introduced the MX line to the public, most of us were amazed with the amount of features it offered. It offered a fast warm up time, with only 60 seconds, together with up to 26 pages per minute, regardless if mono or in color, together with a 600 DPI resolution. Combine all of that with the large touchscreen (which featured 8.5″ diagonally and was the center of attention in many offices with 60+ year old colleagues), and you bought yourself a multi-function printer which will last you for years – with only one downside, you have to refill it once in a while. But don’t worry, the prices are more then affordable, and most online stores have them available and ready to ship within 24 hours, and to buy the right Sharp MX-2600N toner cartridge, we decided to help you out with the today’s article, so let’s start:

Should you go with the genuine Toner Cartridge For Sharp MX-2600N

Sharp MX-36NT Toner Cartridge for the MX-2600nOlder devices from the Sharp MX series have one thing in common – most of the suppliers which offered genuine toner cartridges are currently not having them in stock anymore, mainly because Sharp discontinued a good portion of them. The reason behind it is that they changed the business model and focused on newer technologies, leaving the Sharp MX-2600N toner cartridges behind. What does that mean for you? Well, there are still solutions, mainly within the non-genuine market which offer a somewhat similar powder quality as the originals. In your case you want to go with the model name Sharp MX36NT or also called MX-36NT. Stores like Supplies Outlet and Tonerprice still offer refilables, and they price them correctly.

So with that in mind, expect to cash out in-between $70 to $80 for one toner cartridge, which is one piece of the whole setup (you have the Black one, Yellow, Magenta and Cyan in the full setup). The good news is that there are also value packs, like the Sharp MX-36NT Compatible Toner Cartridge Value Bundle, which feature all four of them for below $250, so in case you’re completely out of ink, this will be the only affordable solution available on the current market.