GE Appliances didn’t have any luck in the past 10 years, the company tried hard to either sell or merge their home appliance division, but couldn’t manage to do it due to market problems. Several bidders, including LG, Samsung and Electrolux, tried their luck, but either had to decline the offer or they couldn’t fulfill the terms. The Chinese though, since they are already manufacturing almost everything, figured out that it would be a good idea to enter the market, so back in 2016. the Chinese conglomerate Hairo, bought the company for around 5.6 billion.

It didn’t came as a surprise, since GE was already on the market for several years, and since the three big names couldn’t manage to buy it, it was just logical that the Chinese will enter. Luckily, the quality, as of now, didn’t change, and if you’re owning an older device within warranty, the papers are still in tact. Your GE Range Model 326B1230P00 can still get serviced at their service points, just in case you need it. There’s no difference in the manufacturing process, branding or anything else, so to us, consumers, it doesn’t actually make any difference at all.

Where to download the GE Range Model 326B1230P001 Manual And Replacement Guide?

The bad thing about home appliance devices is that most of us don’t know where we put the user manual of the device, either it ended up in the trash can or somewhere with the box. Luckily, GE Appliances has us covered, and you can download most of their instructions from their official directory, same for the GE Range Model 326B1230P001 Manual. So, to get it, either view it in the browser or download it to your device, the link is here: