The Workforce series of inkjet printers is well known as the affordable line of Epson’s successful printer category. Not only did the devices cost a bit under $100, which was the perfect pricing point for home users, the ink cartridges were also falling in to the same category. They often have offers where they feature their black ink cartridges for less then $15, which is quite a surprise when you compare it with other manufacturers.

Although you can’t expect as much results from the cheap packages as you can from their more expensive High Yield siblings, it’s still a good choice for home entrepreneurs and people who are looking for cheap devices which run on cheap ink.

Where can I find Affordable Epson Workforce 2630 ink cartridges?

When it comes to your device, then the names for the compatible ink cartridges are a bit mixed. You will find several names out there, ranging from T200120 and T200520 up to combinations of C13T16264012 and C13T16264010, and it depends on your region and if you’re looking for a color combination or just the black ink. But, don’t despair, we made the research for you, and found the best affordable genuine cartridges for you.

Expect to pay around $30 for the W2630 color ink cartridges, and around $10 to $15 for buying only the black ink cartridge for W2630. Both products are being sold by Epson directly, so you know that you’re getting your money’s worth.