Who would say that a small British company, founded just 22 years ago, would today have several offices around the world and more then 92 million of yearly income. Well, that’s Arris, the telecommunication company behind the, which not only expanded in a plausible way through the world, but also acquired several notable companies in between. To name a few, the BigBand Networks, which was bought for nearly 180 million of US dollars, and Motorola Mobility, which was bought from Google for an astonishing 2.35 Billion in cash and stock. One would say that the deal was quite high, but in comparison, Arris made more then US$6.5 billion of US dollars in revenue last year, so the Motorola deal was just a small percentage of their fortune.

Where can I download the Arris SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS PDF Manual for free?

If you’re curious on what represented the main selling point of the company in the last few years, then let me tell you this – the modem market is huge, not only is it worth investing in to patents, but also whole production units. Arris knew that, and their Arris SB6121 modem was a pure success, with several hundred thousands sold each year. This resulted in the same number of users, which, from time to time, wanted to research all the tips and tricks which the devices held, and to do that, Arris needed to provide a proper manual for them, and they did. Basically, they opened up a directory which featured all the user instructions for their devices, including the Arris SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS PDF Manual, and it’s available under this link: https://arris.secure.force.com/consumers/articles/User_Guide/SB6121-User-Guide