Behringer, one of the companies which decided to put a stop sign on the overpriced audio equipment world, has been delivering affordable devices to hobbyists and their home studios for almost three decades. It’s no wonder that the company is so well accepted, since everyone knows that they get what they pay for, and with Behringer in mind, you can always cover the basic needs of your studio, without the need of selling a kidney. The Foot Controller category falls within the same deal, with the FCB1010 as one of the best controllers for starters, so it’s no wonder that there are so many owners around these days.

Where to download the Behringer FCB1010 PDF manual for free?

As with every piece of audio equipment, figuring it out presents a certain challenge, and the only thing which you can do is to check the user manual for it, which explains everything which you need to know about the device. But, as it usually goes, you either don’t get it with the device since you bought it used, or you threw it away while unpacking it. No worries though, there is a PDF version of the Behringer Foot Controller FCB1010 user manual available online, and you can download it under this link: