The 40-input and 25 bus digital mixer from Behringer, with 32 pre-amps, was one of the first devices from Behringer which supported such a wide area of features, inputs and outputs. With a virtual FX rack, combined with the 7″ color TFT , this device was a sure win, not only because of the wast amount of features and all the scenarios in which you could find it useful, but also because it entered the market with a pricing point of $2000 (which was, and still is, just one fourth of the price which all other competitors are asking for).

Where to download the Behringer X32 PDF manual for free?

The X32 is surely a complicated device with several features, which even a seasoned veteran of the audio equipment industry can find challenging. This, the user manual plays a huge role in the actual ownership of the device, and in case you bought it used or threw it away, you can find the digital version of the Behringer X32 Digital Mixer Manual in PDF format under this link: