With affordable pricing, Behringer presented the entry in to the music world for many DJ’s and musicians. With an affordable line up of mixers, it’s no wonder that the company is so well accepted between new comers, and most of their devices will not hit your wallet as hard as competing manufacturers, with Pioneer and Allen & Heat in mind. Behringer was always the company which will cover your audio equipment needs, offer the basic options, but leave aside all the other mumbo-jumbo which can rise the price up. So, this is where we come to the Behringer Xenyx 502

Where to download the Behringer Xenyx 502 manual for free?

When it comes to the instruction manuals, people either throw them away, forget where they put them, or don’t include it once they sell it to the new owner. So, in case you either want to troubleshoot the device or learn something new about it, you have to find a solution on the internet, and we have one for you, here’s the right link to the Behringer Xenyx 502 manual: https://static.bhphotovideo.com/lit_files/61870.pdf