It doesn’t matter if you’re a DJ, a composer, artist or just a plain gadget freak, you probably heard of Behringer, and you had the opportunity to use their devices (I mean, heck, you’re here searching for a PDF manual, you probably have one of their devices in front of you right now). Although the whole experience of using Behringer products is not similar to Payoneer, Allen & Heat and other high end brands, if you look at pricing, you will surely see why this German company is so popular.

The company was founded by Uli Behringer, in Germany, the small town under the name Willich, and since 1989. the brand has been reforming the industry of audio equipment. The Xenyx series of audio equipment, although small in size, did play a huge role in the companies success, by presenting affordable USB mixers, ranging from just a few inputs and going up to 24.

Where to download the Behringer Xenyx X2442USB manual for free?

This particular model, as the name X24 implies, had 24 inputs paired with a 24-bit multi-fx processor, a USB/audio interface, mic preamp, compressor and several other useful features. But, you probably own the device, and you don’t want to hear me jabbering about it, you’re here for the manual, and I will finally come to the point.

So, the Behringer Xenyx X2442USB PDF manual is available under this link, or you can just view it within the browser of your computer or mobile phone: