One of the top three companies within the household appliance industry, Bosch has been the market leader within Europe for several decades, and as of 2014., they even acquired Siemens, which further strengthened the companies power on the world wide market. As of last year, the company had a registered revenue of over 78 billion euros, and as of now, sky is the only limit for this conglomerate.

The success of it’s company is also shared with the products, with the Maxx 6 Automatic washing machine as the example. It was one of the most popular washing machines within that generation, and it came under several model names, including WAE24061GB, WAT286H0GB, WAT28463GB, WAT24463GB and WAT2840SGB. All five models feature a similar Maxx 6 User Manual, so you just need to get your hands on one of them – how to do that? Let us show you.

Where to download the Bosch Maxx 6 Sensitive User Manual for free?

Now let’s round up the problem, I know why you clicked on this article, user manuals get lost, you don’t have to tell me about it, I’m guilty of it also. I tend to throw away everything which comes with the box (except the device, right). Luckily, websites like us exist to help people like you out, and in this case we have the Bosch Maxx 6 PDF manual for you, free of charge (not like those other websites which are asking for monthly subscriptions or credit cards). It’s stored under their official directory, here’s the link: