The Seiko Epson Corporation has been with us for almost 80 years, founded in 1942. as Daiwa Kogyo LTD, Epson has grown in to one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer equipment, mainly focusing on Printers, Scanners and Projectors. I have been writing tons of articles which feature their products, but I never focused solely on the projector subsidiary, and although I don’t plan to bother you today about it, it’s good to note that the projector business wasn’t their idea initially, it was just the natural flow of the company which, in the end, is now owning the rights to one of the key elements in the production of projectors nowadays, the 3LCD technology.  But, more on that later, be sure to follow the Epson sub-category if you’re interested in more, and in the meantime, let’s cover your ELPAP07 situation.

Where can I find an affordable Wireless LAN Module (ELPAP07) replacement?

The ELPAP07 wireless LAN module is an easy and quick fix for your projector if you need wireless control and overall more freedom in using your device. Epson has been selling it for quite some years now, and although it’s a small device, not larger then a USB 2.0 stick, it’s still holding quite a high price, so expect to cash between $80 and $90 for it. Also, be sure to check if your device is compatible with the ELPAP07 before you order it. Although it says that it’s sold out on the Epson homepage, you can still find it on Amazon, within their store, for a bit less then $90 under this link.