The ELPCB02 has been on the market for quite some time, in the EU it’s sold by the name “Control And Connection Box” while in the US it’s going under the name “PowerLite Pilot 2” and can also be found under the product number V12h614020. It can get a bit confusing, but, regardless of the market, one thing is in common – the number “ELPCB02″. Just look out for that number and you can’t go wrong with the device.

What is it? It’s basically a control unit which connects to your short or ultra short throw projector, and in return offers several options for connecting different devices (iPod, iPhone, Android phone or any other MHL-enabled mobile device). The whole package offered a whole new level of flexibility with your projector, so it’s no wonder that it was so popular, especially in class rooms.

Where can I find an affordable Epson PowerLite Pilot 2 (ELPCB02) unit?

Epson didn’t make a lot of these, not because the market didn’t need them, but just because it’s a  niche project catered only to those which are actually searching for a more versatile way of connecting to their projector. Most of us are happy with a simple HDMI or VGA connector. Regardless of that, they are still offering the V12h614020 on their Amazon page, and since it’s an older device, you can find it for as low as $220 now, which is almost 30% less then when it came out. You can buy it under this link: Epson V12h614020 ELPCB02 PowerLite Pilot 2